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From the desk of Kane Miller
July 13, 2024

Dear Website Owner,

backlinkingAs a marketer trying to build a new business, there was nothing that soaked up more of my time than getting traffic.  Without a steady flow of new people coming through my website, I wasn't going to get anywhere.

Of course free traffic is what I really wanted, which means getting my pages indexed and ranked in the search engines.  That requires backlinks, backlinks, and more backlinks.

I got turned on to social media sites as a great way to build backlinks to my pages.  So I started off the way most people do: registered for a few social media accounts and started posting my links manually.  You know how this story ends.  It was so much work that there was no way for me to keep it up.

errorI knew that there were automated tools available, so I decided to look into them.  I read reviews and recommendations from other marketers and then tried out a few.  I tried the cheapest one and the most highly recommended one.  How did they work?

Well, they certainly sped up the process.  But they were far from perfect.  I had crashes, errors, failures, and worst of all, it still took up a ton of my time.  I had to babysit the software while it churned and churned and churned. Plus, all of these tools were only linking my pages from my own accounts.  That means that my social accounts were filled with nothing but my own sites.

I was out of options and at my wits end.  I needed links, but I couldn't afford to spend the time to do it manually and none of the regular tools were very good.  I needed something better, something that apparently didn't exist yet.  So I did the only thing that any self-respecting programmer would do: I built my own.

I had a whole list of problems to address, and I set out to build a system that would take care of all of them at once.  It needed to be super easy.  It needed to take almost no time to use.  It needed to generate an avalanche of backlinks.  And I didn't want it to load up my account with tons of my own pages.


"SocialAdr gets FABULOUS results"

I've been using SocialAdr for over two years now and am an absolute Disciple! We have a marketing company and incorporate SocialAdr into all of our promotional and social media campaigns for our clients.

The interface is very user-friendly and the thing I love best is that in addition to my client's sites ranking well, many of the social links created through SocialAdr will also get ranked in the search engines as well.

SocialAdr gets FABULOUS results and it's so easy ton use that I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't incorporate it into their own social media strategies.

SocialAdr logo

One of the best things about SocialAdr is that the links I'm getting on the social sites aren't all on my own account.  I'm getting links from hundreds of different users on each of the sites.  On most sites, each one of those profiles is an individual link coming back to my site, or links boosting up the ranking of the page on the site.

Us vs Them

Plus, some of the accounts I'm linked on have been around for a long time and have hundreds of incoming links of their own.  Most of my profiles are brand new and have almost no incoming links, so I'm happy to have older, more mature accounts linking to my stuff.

Twitter Search engines now more than ever are factoring what they call 'social signals' heavier and heavier in their algorithms.

This means that having your URLs tweeted hundreds of times by SocialAdr users will push your sites up in the rankings, faster than ever before, shooting past your competition, while driving hordes of fresh traffic.

"A True No-Brain Decision"

Guys, you are nuts if you don't get this. Getting social submissions each month to your web pages is a true no-brain decision. And, the social media sites you get backlinks from are high quality, respected websites.

I tried the free version first and then signed up for the paid version after I verified that links to my web pages were actually being posted on the media sites.

automatic pingingWhenever one of your URLs is added to a social media site, SocialAdr 'pings' the page it was posted to.

By 'pinging', the search engines are notified that the page is either new or updated. This greatly increases the speed with which search engines will discover and count your links.

And the faster your links are found, the faster your rankings will improve, your traffic will increase, and your revenue will grow.



One of the things I always hated about those other social media marketing tools is that sites would break and stay broken for who-knows-how-long.  That's why with SocialAdr it was important to me to actively monitor the health of the system at all times.  If one of the sites makes a change or something breaks, it triggers an alert right away and the SocialAdr team leaps into action.

SocialAdr is constantly being tweaked, updated, and added on to so everything keeps running like a well-oiled machine.  And because it's hosted, the updates are available for everyone right away.  I never have to re-install, mess with license keys, or worry about downloading anything.  It just works.


People Like Us

By this time you're wondering how much this amazing tool is going to cost.  No doubt you're thinking it's going to be outrageously expensive. But while I could probably charge $40, $50, or even more just for you to get access to this system, I'm not going to charge you that.  I'm not going to charge you $27, $17 or even $7.

I'm going to give you access to this system for free, and I don't mean as a trial.  It doesn't expire and doesn't even require a credit card.  This is the basic SocialAdr account, which can get you hundreds of social media submissions per month, at absolutely no cost with no strings attached. 

Are you ready to get started with SocialAdr?  Just click the button below.


SocialAdr logo

If you are into promoting your web pages to social media sites, I know that SocialAdr can make an impact on your day to day work.  It literally took an entire set of tasks off my plate; I barely even count social media marketing as something I have to do, because SocialAdr does it for me.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Eliminate those wasted hours of time and frustration with the tool that I built to simplify my own life.  Trust me, once you've seem the simplicity and power of SocialAdr, you'll be glad you did.

To your marketing success,

Kane sig

P.S.  Join the TENS of THOUSANDS of registered members who are already enjoying the ease and speed of SocialAdr.  Don't go another day doing it the old fashioned way.