Getting the Most Out of Your SocialAdr Account

You've got your account, but in order to get the most value from it there are a few things that you should be aware of. This overview will help you make sure that your account is set up for maximum sharing and linkage.

Set Up Accounts

One of the most important things you can do is get as many of the social media accounts set up as possible. Having more accounts is better for everyone: people whose links you share will appreciate their bookmarks being spread as widely as possible, and you will benefit by getting more credits per share. Remember, credits are given based on how many submissions actually make it out to the sites, so if you only have one account set up you're only earning credits for that one account when you share.

To see which accounts you have set up, you can go to the Setup Wizard. It will give you a nice at-a-glance view of all of the accounts and whether you have configured each of them. Also, keep an eye on the blog so that you know when we add a new service and can set up an account right away.

Enter Bookmarks

It's in your best interest to keep more than just one or two bookmarks in the system. Why? Having multiple bookmarks increases the chances of your links being shared on any given day. Keep in mind that once someone has shared your bookmark, they'll never share it again. If you have 10 links, that same person can share all of your bookmarks. If you have only one or two bookmarks in the system, you need new people to see your links every day to keep things moving.

Another benefit of having multiple bookmarks in the system is that you're less likely to end up with all of your bookmarks archived. With only one, you'll be getting links quickly and your bookmark might get archived quickly. If you are out of town or busy with other work, you won't be getting any links at all during that time.

For websites you're promoting, don't just add the home page into SocialAdr, add many of the inner pages as well. Deep backlinks are also beneficial for SEO.

To enter bookmarks, go to the Add Bookmark page. Also check out My Bookmarks to see all of the bookmarks you have in the system and their current status.

Share, share, share

Sharing bookmarks is what makes the whole system run. To keep from spamming the bookmarking services, we've limited every user to only five shares per day. It only takes a minute or two, but you do have to remember to log in and share. Otherwise you won't be receiving credits and your bookmarks won't be shared by other members.

Make sure to click the button and button to earn even more credits from Twitter and Google +1.

We've put in a feature called Quick Share that makes sharing even easier. Quick Share will suggest a few bookmarks for you to share and give you one button to share them all at once.