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How did we start? grow? succeed?

In the beginning...

As a marketer trying to build a new business, there was nothing that soaked up more of my time than getting traffic. Without a steady flow of new people coming through my website, I wasn't going to get anywhere.

Of course free traffic is what I really wanted, which means getting my pages indexed and ranked in the search engines. That requires backlinks, backlinks, and more backlinks.

I got turned on to social media sites as a great way to build backlinks to my pages. So I started off the way most people do: registered for a few social media accounts and started posting my links manually. You know how this story ends. It was so much work that there was no way for me to keep it up.

Yesterday's Tools Just Don't Cut It

I knew that there were automated tools available, so I decided to look into them. I read reviews and recommendations from other marketers and then tried out a few. I tried the cheapest one and the most highly recommended one. How did they work?

Well, they certainly sped up the process. But they were far from perfect. I had crashes, errors, failures, and worst of all, it still took up a ton of my time. I had to babysit the software while it churned and churned and churned. Plus, all of these tools were only linking my pages from my own accounts. That means that my social accounts were filled with nothing but my own sites.

When All Else Fails, Build Something Better

I was out of options and at my wits end. I needed links, but I couldn't afford to spend the time to do it manually and none of the regular tools were very good. I needed something better, something that apparently didn't exist yet. So I did the only thing that any self-respecting programmer would do: I built my own.

I had a whole list of problems to address, and I set out to build a system that would take care of all of them at once. It needed to be super easy. It needed to take almost no time to use. It needed to generate an avalanche of backlinks. And I didn't want it to load up my account with tons of my own pages.

After months of slaving away, the result turned out even better than I could have imagined: SocialAdr eliminated all of my gripes and complaints about social media marketing. It took what was once a grueling, arduous experience and turned it into a totally simple, hyper-fast, overpowering social marketing engine.

SocialAdr is everything a busy marketer needs:

  • All the top social media sites
  • Works from any computer, anywhere, any time
  • Fully automated social media submissions
  • Tens of thousands of real people are promoting your content
  • Real-time reporting so you always know how your campaigns are performing

SocialAdr gives me time to work on the important aspects of my business. Once I've put my pages in, I know I'm going to get hundreds of links pointing back at my site without doing any work at all. I don't even have to wait for it to finish. And since SocialAdr is a web-based tool, it works on any computer, any time.

If you are into promoting your web pages to social media sites, I know that SocialAdr can make an impact on your day to day work. It literally took an entire set of tasks off my plate; I barely even count social media marketing as something I have to do, because SocialAdr does it for me.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Eliminate those wasted hours of time and frustration with the tool that I built to simplify my own life. Trust me, once you've seem the simplicity and power of SocialAdr, you'll be glad you did.

To Your Marketing Success,


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